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Fellowship Meal
5:00 PM to 5:45 PM
Please RSVP through church office.
5:55 PM
Student Ministry
6:00 PM
IGNITE for 6th-12th Grade


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2015-05-17-AM: Recalculating Fasting
2015-05-17-PM: Final Thoughts on Timothy
2015-05-10-PM: Pursue Instruction
2015-05-03-AM: Recalculating Religion
2015-04-19-AM: Recalculating Justice
2015-04-19-PM: Guest Missionaries: Brungardts
2015-04-12-AM: Recalculating Deception
2015-04-05-AM: The Power to Change
2015-03-29-AM: At the Cross
2015-03-29-PM: Seeking Contentment
2015-03-22-AM: Step Toward the Lost
2015-03-22-PM: Respect Your Bosses
2015-03-15-AM: Submit to Evangelism
2015-03-15-PM: Respect the Elders
2015-03-08-AM: Recalculating Adultery
2015-03-08-PM: The Case for Missions
2015-03-01-AM: Recalculating Murder
2015-02-22-AM: Winter Bible Study - Life Group Session
2015-02-22-AM: Winter Bible Study - Sermon Session
2015-02-22-PM: Winter Bible Study - Final Session
2015-02-15-AM: Recalculating the Law
2015-02-15-PM: Respect True Widows
2015-02-08-AM: Abdu Murray
2015-02-08-PM: Respect All Church Members
2015-02-01-AM: Recalculating Perception of Yourself
2015-01-25-AM: Recalculating Honor - Part 3
2015-01-25-PM: False Teachers
2015-01-18-AM: Recalculating Honor - Part 2
2015-01-18-PM: Departing from the Faith
2015-01-11-AM: Recalculating Honor
2015-01-04-AM: Recalculating - Introduction
2014-12-28-AM: Wisdom in the Journey
2014-12-21-AM: Life Is Possible
2014-12-14-AM: Peace is Possible
2014-12-07-AM: Salvation is Possible
2014-11-30-AM: God's Plan Is Possible
2014-11-30-PM: The Local Church
2014-11-23-AM: Finding Thanksgiving
2014-11-16-AM: Empower to Engage
2014-11-16-PM: 5 Qualifications of a Deacon
2014-11-09-AM: Disciple to Engage
2014-11-02-AM: Lead to Engage
2014-11-02-PM: Prayer Problems
2014-10-26-AM: Confront to Engage
2014-10-19-AM: Listen to Engage
2014-10-19-PM: Most Important Thing
2014-10-12-AM: Follow to Engage
2014-10-12-PM: Stand on God's Word
2014-10-05-AM: Grow to Engage
2014-10-05-PM: East Africa Missions
2014-09-28-AM: Change to Engage
2014-09-28-PM: Result of Christ
2014-09-21-AM: Engaged in Discipleship
2014-09-14-AM: Engaged in Love
2014-09-14-PM: Three Reasons for the Law
2014-09-07-AM: Engaged in (out)Reach
2014-09-07-PM: Restructuring Team Report
2014-08-31-AM: Engaged in Obedience
2014-08-24-AM: Engaged in Worship
2014-08-24-PM: Love vs. Tolerance
2014-08-17-AM: Engaged: 5 Priorities
2014-08-17-PM: Relationships
2014-08-10-AM: Here I Am
2014-08-10-PM: Building Bridges
2014-08-03-AM: Obedient Children
2014-08-03-PM: Malawi Mission Trip Report
2014-07-27-AM: Changed to See
2014-07-27-PM: Summer Camp Share Service
2014-07-20-AM: Meet With Us
2014-07-20-PM: Two Responsibilities
2014-07-13-AM: 4 Actions That Lead To God's Presence
2014-07-13-PM: We Can Be Confident
2014-07-06-AM: Velocity Requires Our Allegiance
2014-07-06-PM: Who Do You Believe?
2014-06-29-AM: Velocity Requires Our Preparation
2014-06-29-PM: World Changers Report
2014-06-22-AM: Velocity Requires God's Ownership
2014-06-22-PM: Mexico Mission Trip Report
2014-06-15-AM: 5 Smooth Stones
2014-06-15-PM: Reflecting Jesus
2014-06-08-AM: Velocity Requires God's Blessing
2014-06-08-PM: To Save a City
2014-06-01-AM: Velocity Requires God's Justice
2014-06-01-PM: Love God? Prove it!
2014-05-25-AM: Velocity Requires Our Faithfulness
2014-05-18-AM: Velocity Requires Our Fruit
2014-05-18-PM: Love Perfected
2014-05-11-AM: Velocity Requires God's Renown
2014-05-04-AM: Velocity Starts With God